Gothic fantasy image of a castle with a mysterious pink sky and the letters 'The Pig' at the top.

1839. Lady Viola’s sole concern in life is to be presented in London next spring and marry. But her sheltered existence in the remote Castle Oving crumbles with the arrival of Madame, her young brothers’ new governess.

As if possessed, servants and family members succumb to Madame and begin to abuse Viola physically and almost sexually. Nobody but Viola sees the real Madame—a sadist who wants to destroy Viola’s reputation, chances to marry, perhaps her very life.

Or does she? Couldn’t it all be Viola’s paranoia? Because the entire world can’t possibly agree to turn against one person. And that pig she keeps hearing . . . those sinful urges she’s feeling . . . that lady in purple who shares visions about the future only with her . . .

As a chasm of madness cracks under her feet, Viola will try to peel off the many veils that disguise the truth, but the revelations will shatter her notions of existence, desire and self.