Books in the Oven

Below are the books that could follow THE PIG. Three of them I’ve already fully plotted, and one is just at the logline stage.

I believe the most logical next book might be To See the Fauns. This one has the most similarities to THE PIG—a historical setting, a Gothic atmosphere and an upper-class British hero. Also, like THE PIG, it deals with big philosophical questions while staying pacy and suspenseful.

To See the Fauns

Upmarket Lovecraftian mystery set in 1930s Spain in which a gay ethnographer seeks the truth about a village whose inhabitants claim to keep Satan inside a wooden hut.

Ugly Girlfriend

Reverse-suspense thriller. A woman tries to prevent the only boyfriend she’s ever had from finding his wife, who disappeared years ago and for whom he’s never stopped searching.

The Yacht

Gothic speculative. A home-schooled boy discovers that his walled mansion and garden are in fact an enormous yacht, his servants are androids, and his father is losing his mind.


Thriller. The only investigator who can find a child murderer is a detective who can’t bear the presence of children ever since she caused her own son’s death in a car accident.

Disclaimer for agents: these covers are only intended as a visual way to show my book concepts. I fully understand it is publishers who commission and choose their own covers.